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Yet Another Newsletter LOL: Pizza Byte

Before we get started, I was wondering about the cadence of this newsletter. Do you all enjoy receiving it weekly, or would every two weeks or once a month be better for you all? Please let me know by dropping an email to nick at

And with that, another week, another newsletter. Let's get to it!

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Fun Stuff

This is plugging my work (shameless plug I guess), but even before I joined, I loved the high quality videos that OpenSauced put out, and this one, although they do have a serious discussion, the setting and the tone are hilarious. Also, all I wanted to do after watching this video was to eat pizza lol.

Words of Wisdom for the Week

Keep showing up consistently and good things will happen to you.

YK on X

Shameless Plugs

The video with Aditya Oberai (@adityaoberai) from Appwrite is live on YouTube!

We dug into AppWrite Functions, including their many function templates.

This week I got to hang with Peli de Halleux (@pelikhan), a principal software engineer from Microsoft, to learn all about DeviceScript!

The full recording will be dropping on my YouTube channel some time next week.

Remember to like and subscribe to the channel! 😎

This coming week, I'll be hanging with my coworker Bekah! We're going to be doing a Hacktoberfest check-in. Come hang with us if you have any questions about Hacktoberfest, are interested in contributing (we've got some great first issues for OpenSauced where we both work), or just come by to say hello!


  • WorkOS is looking for a Developer Success Engineer – (ideally EMEA/UK and remote)
  • This is not a job posting, but the Rezi resume generation tool looks like a great starting point for building out your resume or updating it. For the free lifetime access, the coupon code is hirednow all in lowercase.

I post jobs in the community, plus all other kinds of content, as do others. If you're looking for another friendly nook of the internet, head to

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