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Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor

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Yet Another Newsletter LOL: Making and Learning

It's the long weekend here in Canada, so I'm excited for some extra downtime this week. Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

With that, another week, another newsletter. Let's get to it!

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Fun Stuff

Like many, I'm a fan of Catan, but I won the Carcassone board game in a raffle at Remix Conf.

I've only played it a few times, but I really enjoy it. Dare I say I like it more than Catan?

If board games are your jam, I'd love to hear which ones you've enjoyed recently.

Words of Wisdom for the Week

"In the age of distraction, focus is a superpower." - Cal Newport

More on this from Addy Osmani.

Shameless Plugs

I got to hang with @andypiper this week, discussing making and learning. I haven't done much in the Internet of Things (IoT) space, so I enjoyed this one. Here's a highlight from the stream.

Thanks again for hanging Andy!

Highlight: Making and Learning with Andy Piper

The stream recording with Matt McInnis is up on my YouTube channel. Loved this convo and the insights about ChatGPT.

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Andy Piper

Carcassonne is pretty much my favourite game of all! (and, I never actually got into Catan...) There are a bunch of expansions, both medium sized and small. Check out my BoardGameGeek profile!

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Nick Taylor