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Yet Another Newsletter LOL: Time to Recharge

This will be the last newsletter until the new year. I'll be taking some time off to recharge. The next newsletter will be landing January 14th. With that, another week, another newsletter. Let's get to it!

Around the Web

Over 40 components with built-in behavior, adaptive interactions, top-tier accessibility, and internationalization out of the box, ready for your styles.

Fun Stuff

I really enjoyed Reacher season one, and I have to say, season two is living up to the hype. If you're looking for action and drama, with a splash of comedy, look no further.

Shameless Plugs

Monday I got to hang with Saron Yitbarek (@saronyitbarek). She's the founder of CodeNewbie where a bunch of you might know her from, but her latest venture is Not a Designer! we dug into her journey into tech all the way to Not A Designer.

What a great conversation. Thanks for hanging Saron!

Wednesday, I hung out with my awesome coworker @bekahhw for the last OpenSauced Contributors Shout-outs stream or the year. Thanks to everyone who has been contributing to the OpenSauced repositories! 💜🍕

And lastly, Thursday was my monthly live stream on the YouTube channel. We dug into Fresh, a full-stack web framework from the folks at Deno. Lots of great questions and chat during the live stream. Check out the recording!

I'm off until January 8th, so no live-streaming until then. Check out the schedule for all the wonderful guests coming on in the new year.

That's a wrap! Until the next one and until next year!

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