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Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor

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Yet Another Newsletter LOL: New Beginnings

Before we get started, some news. Friday was my last day at Netlify. I’ve decided to join a startup as a founding engineer! I’m nervous and excited at the same time. Check my socials for the announcement tomorrow. 👀

And with that, another week, another newsletter. Let's get to it!

Around the Web

  • Use Grep like a Boss — I’m OK on the command line, but grep is one of those tools I don’t know that well, so this was a nice find for me.
  • Chris Sev has released a bunch of his courses for free. If you’re looking to learn some React, Tailwind or become more productive with VS Code, check it out!
  • Islands & Server Components & Resumability, Oh My! — My very recent old co-worker Ryan Carniato dives into a lot of concepts that have popped up in the frontend space over the past couple of years. Definitely worth a read.
  • Partykit releases their new API Party.Server to make it even easier to create multi-player digital experiences.

Fun Stuff

I came across this in my feed this week. Cassidy Williams (@cassidoo) made a fun game called 13 potions! Check it out!

Words of Wisdom for the Week

Do good things for others, for no reason at all. It makes life more fun.

Transactional relationships are meh.

Lex Friedman on LinkedIn

Shameless Plugs

Aiden Bai (@aidenybai) joined me on this week to discuss all things Million. Million touts improving the performance of client-side React. Check out the highlight from the stream.

The full video will be dropping on this coming week.

Also, this coming week Dev Agrawal (@devagrawal09) joins me on to discuss Clerk, Authn/Authz, Web Dev, All the Things!.


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Top comments (6)

jarvisscript profile image
Chris Jarvis

Good luck!

nickytonline profile image
Nick Taylor

Thanks Chris!

ranggakd profile image
Retiago Drago

Feel like a fresh air here

devagr profile image
Dev Agrawal

Looking forward!

diivi profile image
Divyansh Singh

Good luck with the new job, I'm sure you'll crush it!

cassidoo profile image
Cassidy Williams

Thank you for featuring my game, and good luck at the new gig!