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Yet Another Newsletter LOL: So Fresh!

Another week, another newsletter. Let's get to it!

Around the Web

  • Introducing the Enhanced Monorepo Experience on Netlify – The enhanced monorepo support that landed recently on Netlify is impressive. I had a chance to dogfood it and provide feedback as it was being iterated on. Hat tip to my co-worker Lukas Holzer on this one.
  • Fresh 1.4 just landed with faster page loads, layouts and more! Marvin has been on fire since becoming a maintainer for Fresh. Fantastic to see all this goodness!
  • NativeWind – If you're a fan of Tailwind, or even if you aren't this project seems pretty compelling for React Native developers.

    NativeWind uses Tailwind CSS as scripting language to create a universal style system for React Native. NativeWind components can be shared between platforms and will output their styles as CSS StyleSheet on web and StyleSheet.create for native.

    Hat tip to Ricky for the share.

Fun Stuff

This is my own fun stuff this week. I got to see all kinds of whales on my trip to Newfoundland!

Me in a whale watching jumpsuit about to go whale watching

Words of Wisdom for the Week

"How do you stay on track with your own growth in a fast-paced, startup environment?"

Some great knowledge nuggets from Kevin Ball, a.k.a. KBall on this question.

Shameless Plugs

There was no this week as I was off, but there's a good one coming up next week with Brian Douglas. promo for guest Brian Douglas

We’ll discuss the pizza project, a Go micro-service that sources git commits from any arbitrary git repo and indexes them into a postgres database.

With a bit of downtime in the evening while on vacation, I put out this short guide to debugging Firefox add-ons (extensions). If you’re an extension developer or aspiring one, maybe you’ll find it helpful.


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