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Yet Another Newsletter LOL: Getting Griddy

Another week, another newsletter. Let's get to it!

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Fun Stuff

Still of the 3d scene spanning multiple windows using three.js and localStorage demo

Shameless Plugs

Santosh Yadav (@santoshyadavdev) joined me on my live stream this week to discuss and live code all things Angular. One thing that stood out for me with Angular was the upgrade tooling and the new stuff that's dropped in Angular 17.

Thanks again for hanging, Santosh!

Tomorrow, Abdurrahman Rajab (@a0m0rajab), a software engineer, will join me to write out some end-to-end tests for the OpenSauced browser extension. promo for guest Abdurrahman Rajab

My latest blog post, TypeScript: Infer Types to Avoid Explicit Types, dropped this week. If you're new to TypeScript, or even if you aren't, you may find it helpful.

Although it was a shorter week for me, I continued to work on OpenSauced in public on Twitch.

I've really been enjoying it. Here's a clip from this past Friday.

Come hang weekdays at 2 pm UTC!


I post jobs in the community, plus all other kinds of content, as do others. If you're looking for another friendly nook of the internet, head to

That's a wrap! Until the next one.

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