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Yet Another Newsletter LOL: Super Charge!

Another week, another newsletter. Let’s get to it!

Around the Web

…knowing the strengths of each one of them lets you go down the happy path, go down the path of least resistance…” - Kevin Powell

  • A great write up from Dr. Axel Rauschmayer about the Array.fromAsync() proposal. The proposal is currently at stage 2.

  • Love this advice from Addy about debugging. Strong co-sign on all this. I’d also add sometimes, just call it a day and sleep on it. Not always, but many times after doing this, coming in with a fresh head has unblocked me.

Fun Stuff

This cracked me up. Taika in general cracks me up. I was also in stitches after watching Thor: Ragnarok as well as Thor: Love & Thunder. If you’re reading this Bekah, I know you’re not a fan of Thor 4, but I still appreciate you even though you’re wrong lol. 😎

And with that, I give you Taika Waititi reads a hilarious letter about a speeding ticket.

Words of Wisdom for the Week

Shameless Plugs

I got to hang with Will Johnson last week where he explained what Auth0 Actions are. We even built out an integration with Slack where when someone creates an account in an app using Auth0, we could use a post user registration Auth0 Action to post a message in Slack.

Emmett Naughton joined me last week as well to discuss the job hunt. From working in an ER to landing in tech. Loved this discussion!

I also got this video up from the stream with Omar Mashaal. We chatted all about Ultra, a modern web framework built for Deno that leverages web standards and the React paradigm.

And one last thing lol. I normally don’t have this many shameless plugs but I’ve been busy. 😅

I’ll be giving a virtual talk at the Chicago JS meetup this Tuesday talking all about Fresh, a new full-stack web framework that runs on Deno. Come hang if that’s your jam. The fun starts at 11:30 UTC (5:30 pm CT, 6:30 pm Eastern)

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