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Yet Another Newsletter LOL: Living on the Edge

Another week, another newsletter. Let’s get to it!

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Words of Wisdom for the Week

I’ve only been to my second in-person conference, so these conference tips from James are great.

Shameless Plugs

Glauber Costa joined me on this week to talk about Turso, a new edge database. We discussed the project, provisioned a database, created replicas worldwide and wrapped it up with a demo Node.js CLI app that loads data from the database.

Here’s a highlight from the Twitch stream. The recording will be up on YouTube early next week.

Highlight on Twitch from stream with Glauber Costa

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Coming up this week, it’s a doubleheader. Austin Gil and Nick Nisi join me on my Twitch stream. Check out the schedule for their slots and other upcoming guests.


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