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Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor

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Yet Another Newsletter LOL: Baseline

Another week, another newsletter. Let’s get to it!

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Fun Stuff

A meme about a pair of scissors

PicturesFoIder on Twitter

Words of Wisdom for the Week

Be consistent. Motivation may ignite the spark, but it’s consistency that fuels the flame of success.

Addy Osmani on LinkedIn

Shameless Plugs

This week I got to hang with BekahHW. We discussed optimizing your open-source contributions and started to work on an issue for the OpenSauced browser extension.

nickyt live promo card for guest BekaHW

The recording will be up on my YouTube next week sometime. In the meantime, check out the back catalogue and subscribe if you aren’t already. 😎

I’m hanging with two incredible people on my Twitch stream this week. On Wednesday, I’m hanging with Colby Fayock. We’re going to build out something fun with Cloudinary!

And on Thursday, I’m hanging with Erin Mikail Staples! Erin will teach us all about open source data labelling and why it’s important.


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