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Yet Another Newsletter LOL: Fast Like a Fox

I had a pretty productive week including 12 consecutive laps at this week's swimming lesson! Alright, enough pool talk. Another week, another newsletter. Let's get to it!

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Fun Stuff

This was something super fun and potentially super practical I came across this week. tldraw release a draw a mockup and convert it to a real webpage. 🤯 Check out in action

credit to the tldraw X account for the above image

Shameless Plugs

One of my recent blog posts, TypeScript and React: Enforcing Props for Accessibility made it in the top 7 posts of the week on!

My latest post about the GitHub CLI is out! Maybe you'll find it helpful.

This week, I got to hang with Lizzie Seigle on my Twitch stream. We built out an app that acts like a magic eight-ball called Turkey Time since it's American Thanksgiving soon. We ran into some snags, but we were able to get it working by the end of the stream.

Thanks again for hanging, Lizzie!

This coming week, I’m hanging with Santosh Yadav (@santoshyadavdev). We’re going to discuss all things Angular. Come hang with us on Monday, November 20th at 5 pm UTC. promo for guest Santosh Yadav

Lastly, I started working in the open this week, since all my work at OpenSauced is open source. If you want to come hang, I’m streaming during the mornings, typically around 2pm UTC. Give a follow on Twitch to know when I go live!


I post jobs in the community, plus all other kinds of content, as do others. If you're looking for another friendly nook of the internet, head to

That's a wrap! Until the next one.

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