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Yet Another Newsletter LOL: H2 Oh!

Another week, another newsletter. Let’s get to it!

Around the Web

  • Deno 1.30 is out! With support for built-in Node modules and more! I think we’re going to be seeing a lot more adoption of Deno in 2023.
  • I didn’t drop this in last week’s newsletter because everyone was probably posting about it, but Netlify, where I work acquired Gatsby! I’m excited for what this holds for the future of Netlify and Gatsby. Composable web ftw!
  • This is one of the best things I’ve read in a while. The case for frameworks by my co-worker Laurie Voss, a.k.a. @seldo. It’s a bit of a long read, but very much worth it.
  • Congrats to the Hydrogen team! Hydrogen is now using Remix. For the full update, check out the Hydrogen Updates page.

Fun Stuff

This wins Twitter this week. 🤣

A Twitter thread where the original poster says "If you shower with Vivaldi playing it feels like you’re about to have the most important day of your life" and someone replies with "so you're saying that you woke up... and chose violins?"

Here’s the original convo if you want to go give it a like or retweet.

Words of Wisdom for the Week

This is a great read from Marco Rogers, Advice For Engineers, From A Manager

Shameless Plugs

The stream with Chad Stewart is up on YouTube! We discussed all things TechIsHiring.

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I got a big piece of work merged that will enable people to use Remix with Netlify Edge Functions. This already existed, but it was using an experimental branch of Remix dating from last year. There’s still another piece, but it’s getting close!

feat: implemented Remix server adapter and runtime for Netlify #16


Related Tickets & Documents

Disregard this failed check. I'm having issues unlinking it from the repository. It's not related to the project.

CleanShot 2023-02-07 at 16 55 25

QA Instructions, Screenshots, Recordings

Local Development Steps

  1. Checkout this branch, e.g. via the GitHub CLI, gh co 16
  2. Run npm install
  3. Ensure you have the Netlify CLI installed/updated. See
  4. Run ntl build --offline
  5. Run ntl serve
  6. The local version of the edge demo site loads.

CleanShot 2023-02-08 at 07 43 46

Testing Deployed Site

  1. Ensure the deploy preview, one of the checks below, loads and that if you look in the Network panel of the devtools in the browser, that it has the cache control header set, i.e. cache-control: public, max-age=31536000, s-maxage=31536000

CleanShot 2023-02-07 at 16 53 02

For us to review and ship your PR efficiently, please perform the following steps:

  • [x] Open a bug/issue before writing your code 🧑‍💻. This ensures we can discuss the changes and get feedback from everyone that should be involved. If you`re fixing a typo or something that`s on fire 🔥 (e.g. incident related), you can skip this step.
  • [x] Read the contribution guidelines 📖. This ensures your code follows our style guide and passes our tests.
  • [x] Update or add tests (if any source code was changed or added) 🧪
  • [ ] Update or add documentation (if features were changed or added) 📝
  • [x] Make sure the status checks below are successful

A picture of a cute animal (not mandatory, but encouraged)

A hamster eating spaghetti


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