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Nick Taylor
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Yet Another Newsletter LOL: Dependabot and Art

I had a very productive week. Three great workouts, a swimming lesson, and lots of great progress at work. How 'bout you?

With that, another week, another newsletter. Let's get to it!

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Fun Stuff

I was working on this pull request for the OpenSauced app which creates a graph for contributors in a list, and all of a sudden, the page I was working on in our app started to freeze. I didn't understand what was going on initially, as I had been testing prior without any issues.

Then the lightbulb went on. I was using a different group of contributors for this page, and one of the contributors was Dependabot.

Apparently, you can't load millions of repositories associated with a contributor in a web page. 😅

Dependabot trying to load a million plus repositories into a tree map component, causing my page to freeze.

Shameless Plugs

I dropped a new blog post this week.

I was pretty happy with the solution I came up with for my component props with TypeScript. Please let me know what you think or how you would have approached it.

Shruti Kapoor (@shrutikapoor08), who I got a chance to meet at Remix Conf this year, had me on their fireside chat this past week. Loved the convos. Thanks for having me!

Coming up this week on my own stream, I’ll be hanging with Lizzie Spiegle (@lizziepika), a developer evangelist at Twilio. promo for guest Lizzie Siegle

We’re going to have some fun with AI, Streamlit, LangChain, and tie it all into American Thanksgiving. AI Turkey anyone?


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That's a wrap! Until the next one.

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