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Yet Another Newsletter LOL: No New APIs

Another week, another newsletter. Let's get to it!

Around the Web

  • Next.js 14 was announced this past week at Next.js Conf. It seemed a little underwhelming, but there have been stability and performance improvements. Server Actions are no longer experimental, and pre-rendered partial rendering (PPR) is in preview. There is also an updated tutorial if you’re interested in learning Next.js.
  • Speaking of Next.js, Sebastien Castel (@scastiel) has a great post on server actions, The simplest example to understand Server Actions in Next.js.
  • My former employer, Netlify, has been dropping all kinds of primitives for the platform, including this one, Netlify Cache Key Variations. So now request caching can vary on several things including header, language, country, and cookie.

Fun Stuff

This is so freaking cool. Steve Garner made a game with three.js, Greensock and

Shameless Plugs

This week was a triple threat for me in terms of streaming. On Monday, Scott Steinlage joined me on to chat about growth, marketing, DevRel, community, all the things!

Here's a highlight from the stream.

The full recording will be dropping on this coming week.

Wednesday, my co-worker @bekahhw joined me for a final Hacktoberfest check-in. We also gave a bunch of shout-outs to all the OpenSauced contributors from the past week.

Friday was my monthly stream on the YouTube channel. I was back with another 2 Full 2 Stack episode exploring the latest stuff in Next.js the day after they released Next.js 14 at Next.js Conf.


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That's a wrap! Until the next one.

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