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Safari 15.5 is here, Brave 1.38 for iOS, Angular 14 RC, Node v18.2.0, and more | Front End News #065

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The headlines of this issue are all related to the Apple ecosystem. Safari 15.5 is here, and it brings three new features and many bug fixes and improvements over the previous release. iOS users can also install the 1.38 update for the Brave browser, which brings improved privacy features. And the releases of the week include Angular 14 RC, Node v18.2.0, and more.

Safari 15.5 is here

Safari users are receiving a new update. Version 15.5 brings over many bugfixes and improvements, as well as three new features:

  • you can make an element non-interactive with the inert attribute
  • the worker-src Content Security Policy directive provides a way to restrict which URLs are allowed to be sources for worker scripts
  • the new minimumViewportInset and maximumViewportInset APIs for implementing new CSS Viewport Units in WKWebView-based apps.

The list of fixes is impressive as well. I am glad to see many CSS issues being fixed, including many issues related to position: sticky, aspect-ratio with percentage widths, or scrolling with background-attachement: fixed. For more details, you can check the official release notes.

Browser news


Brave has released the 1.38 update for iOS users. This release is focused on improving the privacy features with three main updates:

  • a new Privacy Hub showing what Brave blocked, and how Brave protects you online
  • enhanced fingerprinting protections
  • a certificate viewer

More details about each of these new features can be found in the official release notes.

Software updates and releases

Wrapping things up

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