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Firefox 98, Polypane 8.1, Node v17.7.0, React 18 Release Candidate, and more | Front End News #055

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It has been another quiet week in the web industry, with the only significant news coming from the browser section. Firefox is rolling out version 98 to users. Polypane has been updated to version 8.1. And the software updates include Node v17.7.0, React 18 Release Candidate and more.

Browser news


Firefox 98 started rolling out on March 8. The main feature of this update is a refactoring of the download flow. There are also changes in the list of search engines, as some licensing deals have not been renewed.

Developers will receive support for the dialog HTML element and form-associated custom elements. There is a new panel for compatibility in the DevTools, as well as a few more updates.


Polypane 8.1 brings two features requested often: a resizable tree view in the elements panel and the option to quickly disable JavaScript. Chromium has been updated to version 98, and there are multiple design updates and smaller feature changes across the entire app.

Software updates and releases

Wrapping things up

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