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Open Source Insights, BAT Roadmap 2.0 Update 2, Tools for migration to Microsoft Edge, and Gatsby v3.9 | Front End News #037

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Google introduces Open Source Insights, a tool to track and analyze open-source packages. Brave released the second update to their BAT Roadmap 2.0. IE users have a new set of tools to help them migrate to Microsoft Edge. And Gatsby v3.9 is the main release of the week.

Open Source Insights

Open Source Insights is an experimental project by Google. It helps developers to understand better the open-source packages they are using. The tool can build a complete graph of its dependencies, together with valuable info like versioning and licensing information, known vulnerabilities, and other important signals of code health and safety.

Currently the project tracks over 1.6M npm modules, 646K Go modules, 415K Maven artifacts, and 64K Cargo crates. Future updates will include NuGet and PyPi packages as well.

Browser news


Brave published an update to their BAT Roadmap 2.0. Here are some of the things they are working on:

  • Brave Wallet: this is currently an Ethereum remote client, but they plan to add support for Bitcoin, Polygon, and more.
  • Brave Swap: it allows conversion between Ethereum and BAT
  • Themis: this is a protocol for the decentralization of Brave/BAT private ads infrastructure.

There are more updates regarding the community, partnerships, and developments. If this is something of interest to you, I invite you to check the official announcement.


The Edge team started a blog series that aims to help people transition from IE11 to Edge. The first post provides instructions for the use of two automated tools: the Microsoft Edge setup guide (aka the "Edge Advisor"), and the Enterprise Site Discovery which builds a list of Internet and intranet websites that need to run in IE mode.

Software updates and releases

Wrapping things up

That's all I prepared for this issue. If you found something useful please recommend us to a friend and help us continue to grow.

Have a great and productive week, keep yourselves safe, and I will see you next time!

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