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GitHub Copilot for Business, Firefox 110, Vivaldi 5.7, Safari 16.4 Beta, and more | Front End News #091

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GitHub opens up Copilot for Business to anyone willing to pay the monthly fee, even as legal questions remain unanswered.

In browser news, Firefox 110 is out, rounding up the support for CSS Container Queries. Vivaldi users received the update to version 5.7. Apple users can preview both Safari 16.4 Beta and TP 164.

On the release radar, we have Angular 15.2, Next.js 13.2, a large number of Node releases, Preact 10.13, and more. And the resource package for this issue includes a collection of icons, color utilities, and other useful helpers.

GitHub Copilot for Business is now available

GitHub announced that Copilot for Business is now available for everyone, from individuals to large corporations. The costs for accessing this tool are $19/per user every month.

The launch happens despite an ongoing lawsuit challenging GitHub Copilot for the way it deals with licensing and copyrighted code.

💻 Browser news


Firefox 110 rolled out to users on February 14, bringing support for CSS container queries. Now all major browser support this feature, marking a moment long-awaited by the developer community.

This release also facilitates data import from all other major browsers (Chrome, Edge, Safari, Opera, or Vivaldi). People with non-Intel GPUs can now enjoy better video scaling and playback performance.


Vivaldi 5.7 is the first update of this year for both desktop and mobile users.

The desktop version brings better tab and window management with the Windows Panel. Vivaldi Mail receives better filtering and email management options. And more functionality is now available via Keyboard Shortcuts.

On Android, the release brings better overall performance and a handful of new features. You now have the option to keep playing audio from tabs in the background or to disable autoplay for videos. Is the interface not suited for the size of your device? That's no longer a problem with the option to scale UI and web content.


We can now preview the upcoming changes in Safari 16.4. The Beta release brings support for many new features, such as Declarative Shadow DOM, lazy-loading iframes, or Web Push on iOS devices.

We expect that Safari 16.4 will mark an important milestone in the evolution of this browser. Each element of the web platform has long lists of smaller new features and fixes to existing issues. Overall, the release notes for the Beta preview are longer that all the other 16.x updates combined.

Even more, fixes and improvements are available in Safari Technology Preview 164. The release notes look tiny in comparison to the ones above, but all these incremental updates will end up making Safari a better browser.

📡 The Release Radar

🛠️ Front End Resources

There's more where that came from. Explore the rest of the Front End Resource collection.

Wrapping things up

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