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Interop 2023-2024, Baseline 2023, CSS Wrapped, Browser News, Front End Resources and more | Front End News #106

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Welcome to the first issue of Front End News in 2024. Having a significant break between updates means there are more things worth mentioning. And today's list of topics is extensive. Therefore, there will be a lot more links and less commentary. Enjoy!

2023 was an excellent year for the web platform when we consider Interop 2023 and Interop 2024, the introduction of Baseline, and the many advancements done in leveling the field for CSS development and compatibility among the main browsers.

In Browser News, we discuss the additions to the web platform at the end of 2023 and the releases to the main browsers: Chrome 120-121, Firefox 120-122, Microsft Edge 119-121, Polypane 17.0-17.1, Safari 17.2-17.3, and Vivaldi 6.5. On top of all that, Apple will start allowing other browser engines to run on iOS devices for users inside the European Union.

The Release Radar shows lots of entries as well. We have multiple updates from Astro, Deno, Ember, React Toolkit, YouTube.js, and Node. Other noteworthy names are Angular 17.1, Electron 28, SvelteKit 2, Tailwind CSS v3.4, TypeScript 5.3, or Vue 3.4.

Next, we got a fair collection of assets and utilities, with AI and SVG sprinkled on top. We round things up with a reminder about all the quality content in the advent calendars published in December.

Interop 2023-2024

Interop is the industry initiative I am most pleased about. It brought an unprecedented level of cooperation between browser vendors. It also made life a lot easier for web developers everywhere. Today, we have multiple points of view from some of the parts involved in this process, both about what happened last year and the plans for 2024.

Baseline 2023

Baseline is another 2023 initiative aiming to streamline and improve feature support across web browsers and the industry in general. In the following article, Rachel Andrew highlights the changes in the definition between "newly" and "widely" available features and covers most newly available elements in 2023.

CSS Wrapped: 2023!

CSS is the web technology I care about the most. Therefore, I had to mention the roundup made by the Chrome team regarding all the new CSS features that landed in 2023.

💻 Browser News

Unsurprisingly, there is so much browser news in this issue. From the monthly "new to the web platform" summaries to the many browser releases: Chrome 120-121, Firefox 120-122, Microsft Edge 119-121, Polypane 17.0-17.1, Safari 17.2-17.3, and Vivaldi 6.5.



Microsoft Edge




Last but not least, the EU has forced Apple to allow other browser engines to run on iOS devices. I look forward to seeing the rest of the world push the Cupertino giant to do the same for everyone else.

📡 The Release Radar

🛠️ Front End Resources

  • Big Heads - Randomly Generated Characters for Your Apps & Games
  • Colour Contrast Checker - Check the contrast between different colour combinations against WCAG standards
  • CSS Gradients - A collection of beautiful free-to-use CSS gradients
  • Flectofy - Generate custom SVG shapes
  • GitHub Profile Generator - Create awesome GitHub profiles and showcase your skills and projects easily
  • Loadership - Customize and generate stunning loaders for your website
  • - Free AI - Text prompt to SVG
  • SVG Chart Generator - Free online SVG line & bar chart generator by the MagicPattern design toolbox
  • UI Faces - Free ✨ AI-generated avatars for your creative projects
  • - AI-generated vector logos, icons & illustrations

There's more where that came from. Explore the rest of the Front End Resource collection.

2023 Advent Calendars Roundup

December is a special month in the web development industry. That's when many brilliant developers distill their knowledge in tech advent calendars. I have rounded up many of these collections for the fourth time, and I invite you to browse them at your leisure.

Wrapping things up

Ukraine is still suffering from the Russian invasion - if you are looking for ways to help, please check Smashing Magazine's article We All Are Ukraine 🇺🇦 or contact your trusted charity.

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That's all I have for this issue. Have a great and productive week, keep yourselves safe, and spend as much time as possible with your loved ones. I will see you again next time!

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