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Introducing TypeScript 4.3, what's new in Chrome 91 and Safari Technology Preview 125 | Front End News #031

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It has been a quiet week on the tech scene. Therefore the highlights of this issue come from the software scene. TypeScript 4.3 is officially out. We get a glimpse at what's new in Chrome 91. And Safari Technology Preview 125 is available for download.

Back to the software releases, some notable mentions are Cypress 7.4.0, and ESLint v7.27.0. Of course, there's more than that, so be sure to check that section for more details.

TypeScript 4.3 goes live

All you TypeScript users out there, rejoice! Version 4.3 is out there and ready to use in production code. Now, I could pretend I understand all the new stuff delivered with this version, but that would be a lie. Therefore I invite you to get your info straight from the official announcement linked below. Happy Coding!

Browser news


Chrome 91 will bring over integration for some new APIs, aiming to create a better user experience. Things like suggesting a file name or a specific location when saving files with the File System Access API. Or reading files from the clipboard. More so, when you have multiple sites sharing the same account management backend, you can direct Chrome to share credentials between those websites. Of course, there's more, but you'll have to check the official article for extra details.


Safari Technology Preview 125 is now out, and it brings a long list of fixes. Such as "support for CSS display 2-value syntax (e.g. display: inline flex)". Or "changed to not use margins when computing aspect ratio cross sizes." For full details, you should check the official release notes.

Software updates and Releases

Wrapping things up

Have a great and productive week, keep yourselves safe, and I will see you next time!

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