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Boostrap 5 is out, measure Web Core Vitals with Lighthouse Metrics, Safari 14.1, and Vivaldi 3.8 | Front End News #028

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Bootstrap 5, the most popular front-end open-source toolkit, is officially out of beta. You can now measure your Web Core Vitals everywhere with Lighthouse Metrics. Safari 14.1 is out with improvements long-awaited by developers. And Vivaldi 3.8 lets you avoid annoying cookie dialogs.

Bootstrap 5 is out

Bootstrap 5 is officially out of beta and production-ready. Here is a quick peek at the most important changes this version brings us:

  • No more jQuery
  • Removed support for older browsers (IE10-11, MS Edge Legacy, and more)
  • RTL support
  • new xxl breakpoint at 1400px and up

The list is a lot longer, and many of these changes are breaking compatibility. It makes the migration guide a "must-read".

Lighthouse Metrics

Web Core Vitals will start playing an important role in Google search rankings, and Lighthouse is a powerful tool in the measurement of these metrics. So today I'm presenting you an online interface for Lighthouse, that can be used on every browser, not just on Chrome.

Browser news


Vivaldi rolled out version 3.8 for both desktop and mobile platforms. The main feature of the update is the Cookie Crumbler, a tool that allows people to block all those annoying cookie dialogs, banners, and requests. This will simply block the service that asks for consent, or hide the consent dialog, in the same way as it might remove a tracker or an ad. And let's not forget the complete removal of the FLoC component.


Safari updates are a lot more spaced out compared to the other browsers. And we just got version 14.1 that brings over some features long-awaited by developers. I'm talking about support for the gap property for Flexbox, and the CSS Individual Transform Properties. The complete list of changes is a lot longer - it includes the changes released in the latest 13 iterations of Safari Technology Preview (from 110 to 122).

Speaking of Safari Technology Preview, we got update 124. The list of changes is fairly long, with many fixes and quality of life improvements.

Software updates and Releases

Wrapping things up

Have a great and productive week, keep yourselves safe, and I will see you next time!

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judetejada profile image

I used gap in flexbox for spacing but after finding out that it doesn't support for safari browser that messes up a lot of thing and I had to refactored it with using gap of Grid instead. but it's finally great that it's supported in safari 😊