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Proposals for Interop 2023, Firefox 105, Safari TP 154, Wolvic 1.1, TypeScript 4.9 Beta, and more | Front End News #076

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Interop 2023 is starting to take shape with the call for proposals. In browser news, we are getting fresh updates with Firefox 105, Safari Technology Preview 154, and Wolvic 1.1. The software releases include Electron 20.2, many Node versions (both LTS and current), TypeScript 4.9 Beta, and more. And everything is topped with a hand-picked set of utilities and other useful resources.

Submit your proposals for Interop 2023

The web development industry is glad the browser vendors got together to iron out the main pain points of inter-browser compatibility. This process has been going strong for two years, and we're preparing for the third one in a row.

You are invited to submit your proposals for Interop 2023. Are you annoyed by something working differently from one browser to another? Can you document your case properly? You have until October 15 to submit a proposal. And your problem might soon be solved in all modern browsers.

Browser news


Firefox 105 rolled out on September 20. This update brings better stability in low-memory situations, support for the Offscreen Canvas DOM API, various security fixes, and more.


A new version of the Safari Technology Preview is available. This update brings a long list of changes, but nothing spectacular caught my attention.


Wolvic is a very niche browser, but its very existence is a great thing in a market where Chromium browsers are dominating. This update brings a major upgrade of the Gecko engine and some new features such as Kiosk mode and PushKit support.

Software updates and releases

Front End Resources

  • CopySymbol - a copy-and-paste special character library
  • EZCV - Turn text into a beautiful resume in seconds
  • Gradientify - Find the Perfect gradient for your next projects
  • JSON Crack - Seamlessly visualize your JSON data instantly into graphs
  • Palette - a vibrant AI colorizer app
  • Simple Icons - Free SVG icons for popular brands
  • Tylify - Create seamless patterns for free

There's more where that came from. Explore the rest of the Front End Resource collection.

Wrapping things up

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