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TIL Unity Logs Can Take Gigs

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming

After some life flux, I'm back to being productive. A strange error occurred when I tried booting up Unity. After a while, I got a warning that my hard disk was running out of space.

What could it be? Sure I had a lot of stuff installed (games lol) but I wasn't that close to full. I used windirstat to track down the culprit and it was the editor.log file clocking in at 26 gigs.
26 gigs of logs
At the time, I wasn't curious to see what it contained and sought to immediately purge it. When I tried to shift+delete it, Windows complained that the shader compiler was using it. I found the process, killed it and was able to free up the space. I also uninstalled a bunch of stuff, cleared up electron app caches and ran some other maintenance tools.

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