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TIL Unity has Aim Constraints


So I had a meaningful conversation with an executive coach today and it was very useful; I learned a lot and I'll briefly summarize it as: find your essence and then, do the smallest but biggest thing you can do today!

Switching gears from personal development to game development, I discovered Unity has Aim Constraints. If you've used Maya, these function the same way.
Screen capture of list of constraint components
In fact, judging by the list, I daresay that the Unity Constraints were built to mirror Maya's Constraints so that you could import complex rigs and control these properties in Unity.

Ignoring this speculation, I find these are very useful for setting up complex transform relationships between your game objects. For example: you can quickly setup security cameras with Aim Constraints to follow your character with rotation on a specific axis. Thanks to weighting, it's possible to allow constraints between multiple objects so you can build even more complex relationships!

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