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TIL a Unity GameCreator List Trick


As time goes on, I'm more enthusiastic about game systems rather than game engines. And lately, I've been enamored with Game Creator.
Note: I sometimes refer to Game Creator as GameCreator (no space) or GCIO.

If you have the Shooter module, it involves the following steps.

  1. Setup GameCreator and its Shooter module.
  2. Build a new Ammo asset with specific properties.
  3. Build a new Weapon asset that uses this Ammo asset.
  4. Add a game object with a Character Shooter that can Draw the Weapon and Shoot it.

I flesh out these steps in more detail in my docs but what I learned today that was rather interesting was that you can pick a random value from a List very easily in Game Creator. This is very useful for moving objects for quick tests or otherwise inducing predictable behaviors.
Random List

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