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TIL Intro + Puzzle Design

Supposedly the day most people quit on their New Year's resolutions

So today I learned a bit about puzzles but first...why all this?

An on-the-job habit that I started more than a year ago was a daily journal where I documented lessons inspired by the work I did that day. It was a great habit with many benefits. I'm seeking the same benefits outside of work so here we go...

Rubik Cube floating above a hand

Photo by Marko Blazevic from Pexels

My goal is to make a puzzle game in Unity. It's a lofty one so I decided to hit the books for knowledge and watch some GMTK YouTube videos for inspiration.

A lesson I learned (and can immediately apply) from the book Puzzlecraft is to work backwards with puzzle construction: start from the solution and then add/remove information to create the puzzle.

This GMTK video got me thinking about the difference between puzzles that ask for solutions versus puzzles that allow you to present solutions. This led me to another question: is it possible to make a game where you can solve lateral-thinking puzzles?

It's all a bit fuzzy right now, much like trying to solve a real puzzle :)

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