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TIL List Styles + Unity Quick Search


Web Stuff

My static CMS Publii was being a little brat today - stripping out various tags whimsically from my custom footer. After some wrestling with lists and display styling, I ended up using a simple paragraph to get the job done. It was interesting to learn how to convert a list into a bar of icons though!

Game Stuff

Unity has a Quick Search system, similar to Quick Launch or Quick Run in other IDEs. You can access it with Ctrl+K in Unity 2021. I'm mainly using 2019 where it's a little different. If you want to use it there, you can press Alt+'. If you don't have it, you may get this popup.
Install Quick be more productive
If you don't see it or if you run into an error, you can use the Package Manager to find it and install it manually.
Package Manager with Quick Search up
Once installed you can change the default shortcut to something else.
You can invoke the Shortcuts window with the Quick Search tool ;)

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