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Perl Weekly #604 - P in LAMP?

Originally published at Perl Weekly 604

Hi there,

Depending who you ask the question, you might get different answer. As I am native Perl speaker, I would say it stands for Perl.

I first came to know about LAMP in the year 1999 when I was first introduced to Perl. Although the term was first coined by Michael Kunze in the year 1998. During that time, Perl and PHP were the only two contenders. Many years later, Python joined the gang. That makes it good fun discussion on what P stands for in LAMP. Those days, Web Development was mostly around Perl and good old friend CGI. Things have changed for good in all these years. We now have plenty of choices to pick from, like Catalyst, Mojolicious, Dancer2 etc etc. Most of my time with Perl spent on Web Development. At one place, we had inhouse Web Framework, which worked like a charm but recently when I moved to Oleeo, I got the opportunity to work with Catalyst. I am a big fan of Dancer2, so getting on with Catalyst was a little difficult. Having said, I did find some similarities between the two.

Going back to the topic, LAMP, I remember a blog post on the same subject going into fine details and variations. It was fun read.

I also came across this question, Why Perl is included into lamp-server?. I loved the reply to the question. I never thought about it before. Last but not the least, I let you explore this Stackoverflow Q&A on the similar topic.

My twins always say "My dad is the best", so I borrow their pet statement and say "Perl is the best language ever". So go on and play with it.

Enjoy the rest of the newsletter and please keep supporting us as always.

Your editor: Mohammad S. Anwar.


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C, C++, and Perl Software Engineers, Let’s Keep the Internet Safe. UK Remote Perl Role

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