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Perl Weekly #635 - Is there a Perl developer shortage?

Originally published at Perl Weekly 635

Hi there!

I just saw this question posted on DEV: Is There a Developer Shortage?. There were a few responses saying that there is an abundance of newbies and not very good engineers and there is a shortage in experienced and qualified engineers. That's the general view. How is it specifically for Perl?

On a related note, I guess we are all wondering what will be the impact of the rise of AI in software development. My guess is that it will further widen the gap between beginners and experienced programmers. It will be even harder to get an entry level job as most of those tasks will be done by the AI powered developers, but the fixing the mess created by AI will require very highly qualified and experienced engineers.

On an unrelated note, I am ambivalent. On one hand as a content creator I'd like to be able to generate income from the articles I write, the videos I record. On the other hand, as a reader, I really don't like Medium where you can read the beginning of an article and then you have to pay for the rest.

Enjoy your week!

Your editor: Gabor Szabo.


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