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Perl Weekly #667 - Call for papers and sponsors for LPW 2024

Originally published at Perl Weekly 667

Hi there!

Last week Mohammed already mentioned the LPW, now they have a Call For Papers and Sponsors. I am glad they write on bpo, but I also wonder, do they publish the CFP on other web sites as well. e.g.

I don't have a lot of time dealing with Perl these days, but I looked at the recent report of CPAN Digger and I see there are still quite a few CPAN packages that do not link to their public Version Control System (VCS). If you have some spare time maybe you could check out the modules in the VCS column and ask the author to add the appropriate fields so it will be easier for others to find the git repository.

Today is the Holocaust memorial day in Israel. I assume most of the readers of the Perl Weekly know what it is about, but I am surprised how many people in the world have never heard the word or don't know what it is about. I spend the day partially by watching interviews and lectures. I listed some of them on my site: Holocaust memorial day in Israel in 2024.

I also wrote an article titled Rafah and the humanitarian aid for Gaza. If you'd like to read more about the topic from me, you can register to my newsletter.

Unfortunately I need to deal with this quite a lot instead of sending Pull-Requests.

You, enjoy your week!

Your editor: Gabor Szabo.


LPW 2024 - Call For Papers and Sponsors


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The Perl Toolchain Summit 2024

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Benchmark::DKbench Perl benchmark suite now supports custom benchmarks.

PTS 2024: Lisbon

Apparently Ricardo was also into upgrading servers.

TPRF sponsors Perl Toolchain Summit

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Generate Fixtures for DBD::Mock::Session


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Product lines

Peter sharing multiple approaches to get the desired result. You really don't want to skip it.

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Perl special variables in action. It would catch your attention, I am confident about it.

The Weekly Challenge #267

Using the method signature of latest Perl makes the code looks elegant, very impressive, keep it up.

The Line is the Sign That Your Product Counts

PostScript has always amazed me the most with all the unique syntax. It is always fun to read the code. Thank you for keeping us entertained every week,

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NICEPERL's lists

Great CPAN modules released last week;

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