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Perl Weekly #656 - Perl Conference

Originally published at Perl Weekly 656

Hi there,

Did you get the opportunity to attend YAPC::Hiroshima?

Looking at whatever news is out in public about the conference, it appears to be a big success. A big round of applause to everyone involved. Makoto Nozaki shared his experience in the blog post. There were regular updates shared on Twitter profiles e.g. kobaken and yapcjapan. Japan is one of few places that I always wanted to visit. I still remember when I was in college my mom asked me she wanted to see Tokyo city. I casually promised her that time. But when I moved to England she kept reminding me about my promise but for health reason she couldn't travel. I was first introduced to the city when I watched the movie Love in Tokyo. I think YAPC Japan would be the perfect excuse to fulfill my mom's wish. Israel is also one place that I would like to visit once in my life time and meet Gabor Szabo in person.

How about upcoming TPRC 2024 in Las Vegas?

I remember when it was annonced at the end of conferece in Toronto last year, there was big cheers all around. I could feel the positive energy. There was a call for volunteer and presentation. If I managed to find time and health permit then I would definite go to Las Vegas. I am sure it is going to beat the Toronto experience. I would submit the talk only when I am 100% sure to travel. I really miss the similar gatherings in Europe. Talking about conference, what's happening to London Perl Workshop? Don't you miss LPW? I honestly hope it happens this year and we get to meet local champions. It is the only time, I get to meet my idols like Neil Bowers and Dave Cross. There is also a friend of mine, Theo van HoeselLPW and London Perl Mongers meetup, I miss him. I remember during one such meetup he gave short presentation on Iphone iOS scripting. I simply loved it. His ability to present difficult topic looks easy, is commendable. Let's bring back the golden moments.

Back to reality, the schools are open today after a week long holiday here in London. Too much trouble, I wonder how parents cope up with this routine. I just go with the flow, no choice. You look after yourself and loved ones. Enjoy rest of the newsletter.

Your editor: Mohammad Sajid Anwar.

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