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Perl Weekly #651 - Watch the release of Perl live!

Originally published at Perl Weekly 651

Hi there!

After a long period of time, finally I see a live online event about Perl that's worth following. Max Maischein will Live stream the release of Perl 5.39.7. Even if you are not a core Perl developer and are not interesting in becoming one, I think it is an event worthy to follow. It is in the morning hours of Europe so it seems to be more relevant to people in Europe, Africa and the East, including New Zealand.

Am I the only one bothered by The Perl Foundation publishing a grant request that looks suspicious, to say it mildly? Are they legally required to publish anything that has the word 'Perl' in it even if the person submitting it has no track record with Perl and the Perl community? Do they really believe that a person who has never contributed to Perl from a place that has not seen any Perl contribution will out of the blue run a Perl Hackathon? Or is this a political agenda?

Speaking of sponsorship. In the last few years the Perl Weekly had some income from job ads. Unfortunately that ended in December. I used to use some of the money to sponsor Mohammad, but unfortunately I had to stop that. So I'd like to ask you to step up, open your purse, and support Mohammad. He is running The Weekly Challenge and about 3/4 of the Perl Weekly. I think it would be important to make him feel appreciated and valued in this way as well.

And as for me, I keep writing about Rust. I just bought a micro:bit thingy to experiment a bit with light-weight embedded programming.

Enjoy your week!

Your editor: Gabor Szabo.


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Line by line discussion is the specialty of the post. It makes so easy to follow. Thanks for sharing the Raku magic with us every week.

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Smart move to take help from CPAN module List::Util. You get to know about Week 251 as bonus. Keep it up great work.

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Raku one-liners once again showing the power as shared in the post. You would be surprised how elegant the end result looks like. Thanks for your contributions.

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Iterate from both ends? You must check it how. Keep it up great work.

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Rust Maven

Rust is, in a way, orthogonal to Perl. It is a rather verbose language with a steep learning curve. However it is much faster than Perl and can be cross-compiled and easily distributed. It provides memory safety though it takes time to get used-to the ownership model. On the other hand it makes it rather easy to write threaded applications. I've been writing about Rust for a while on the Rust Maven site. You are invited to subscribe to the Rust Maven newsletter!

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