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Perl Weekly #660 - What's new ...

Originally published at Perl Weekly 660

Hi there,

Happy Ramadan to all the readers who fast during this holy month. May ALLAH s.w.t accept your fasting, Ameen.

I recently became active on official Slack for The Perl Foundation after a long gap. I noticed it is very much active and live. Lots of positive noise and useful information shared with each other. I am not a big fan of Slack but after spending just few days, I find it easy to move around. I would like to keep an eye for important news and announcement. Earlier my only source of information was the good old We used to have regular post by Perl enthusiasts but that has stopped unfortunately. And I don't blame them as I also stopped blogging completely. As and when I do blog, I use The Weekly Challenge platform. Having said, the platform is still used by some, for example Perl Steering Council for weekly updates. Every now and then, you do get some magical post by Perl fans. One such post, Changes in MooX::Role::Parameterized appeared last week by E. Choroba. I have been a big fan of Moo - Minimalist Object Orientation, so this post became even more important for me. Although, Corinna has made it to the Perl core, it is still a long way before it becomes a complete solution to all OO needs. I am looking forward to the next big release which would bring in some more features, hopefully.

What's new on CPAN?

I was introduced to by the post series What's new on CPAN? by David Farrell. It used to be regular every month with full of fun facts about new CPAN modules released. During those days, I used to be active on CPAN and released few CPAN. I had the honour to find place in the post often. Recently Olaf Alders took the initiative to revive the activities on Because of his hard work and with the help of Mathew Korica we now have the post series back. You must check latest in the series, What's new on CPAN - February 2024.

I just realised that this is my 150th edition and in 2 months I will complete 6 years as co-editor of the Perl Weekly newsletter. It has been a very fruitful learning experience for me and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Keep the spirit high and don't let the bad influence pull you down. Please do take care your health and loved ones.

Your editor: Mohammad Sajid Anwar.


Registration for The Perl and Raku Conference 2024 is open!

Time has come to start preparing for the next big event. Please reserve your place as soon as you can.

Perl / Open Food Facts Hackathon in Paris

Teaming with the french mongers, Open Food Facts organize a Hackathon around the use of Perl by it's web server which is the heart of the project. It will take place in Paris, on Saturday March 23 and Sunday March 24. Remote participation is possible.


What's new on CPAN - February 2024

It is so pleasing to see my favourite series is back. Thank you the entire team behind this, you guys are doing a great service to keep this alive.

PSC #140 2024-03-14

Another week another update by the super charged Perl Steering Council.


Changes in MooX::Role::Parameterized

For all Moo users, this is for you if you have worked with Roles. This change would make your life easy. Enjoy !!


Perl API client for Intellexer by Joshua Day, his first contribution to CPAN and hope not the last.


Maintaining Perl (Tony Cook) December 2023

Grant report for the work carried out by Tony Cook.

The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge by Mohammad Sajid Anwar will help you step out of your comfort-zone. We pick one champion at the end of the month from all of the contributors during the month.

The Weekly Challenge - 261

Welcome to a new week with a couple of fun tasks: "Element Digit Sum" and "Multiply by Two". If you are new to the weekly challenge, why not join us and have fun every week? For more information, please read the FAQ.

RECAP - The Weekly Challenge - 260

Enjoy a quick recap of last week's contributions by Team PWC dealing with the "Unique Occurrences" and "Dictionary Rank" tasks in Perl and Raku. You will find plenty of solutions to keep you busy.

This Week a Ranking Occurred!

Adam's use of do { ... } for .. always fascinates me. Mind you this is happening alongside the latest Perl v5.38.


Solution to dictionary rank blown me away. You must checkout his creative innovation.

Unique Rank

As always Raku is showing off with the help powerful feature of Bag. Keep it up great work.

Occurrences with BQN

Have you played with BQN? If not then you should as it is not just another programming language. Check out the post yourself.

13 x 20

Task analysis by Dace is unmatched. I just simply love the way he deals with challenge. Keep it up.

Perl Weekly Challenge: Week 260

Raku is presenting mathod chaining once again. It is one of my favourite. How about you?

Unique Multisets

Explore the mathematical view of the dictionay rank task. You may find it too complex but it is always fun.

Occurrencies and Permutations

Raku one-liner is showing the elegance. Raku Rocks !!

Perl Weekly Challenge 260

Using CPAN and still getting one-liner in Perl, incredible. Keep us entertained every week.

Unique Occurrences and Non-unique Permutations

We have seen how CPAN cam be handy is dealing with challenges. This week too, we saw the evidence.

Unique Dictionary Occurrences are Rank

I see Raku code written in Perl style. It tells Packy is a diehard Perl fan. Thank you for your contributions.

Uniquely ranked

Just a simple and straight forward approach, anyone can easily follow. Well done and keep it up.

The Weekly Challenge #260

For permuation related challenge, Math::Combinatorics is one of the choices CPAN provides. See the post how this solved the task.

Uniquely Rank

Unlike others Roger used Set of Raku language to deal with the challenge this week. In addition we got PostScript solution discussed too. Highly recommended.

Counting and ranking

Python is my new crush and everytime I read post about Python solution, it feels nice to be able to follow through. The use of defaultdic is one of them. Thanks for sharing.


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