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Perl Weekly #616 - Camel in India

Originally published at Perl Weekly 616

Hi there,

When I say India, I mean Indian Subcontinent i.e. Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Srilanka. Having said, my prime concern is India right now. You must have realised the context of Camel by now. Today I would like to talk about the popularity of Perl in India. I remember when I left India in 2000, it was on the rise and that is how I got into Perl Programming. After moving to England, I noticed how frequent the Perl fans meetup and share ideas. I got the opportunity to attend some and realised how it can boost the popularity of the language and spread the positive word among newbies. Regular Perl Mongers meet also keep the subject live and active.

Ever since the COVID happened, all these in-person events stopped initially. But the good news is that we are getting back on track with the events like The Perl and Raku Conference 2023 and Perl and Koha Conference in Helsinki. I have decided to attend The Perl and Raku Conference in Canada. I have submitted talk proposal too, little late though. I am still waiting for the acceptance. The other conference is clashing with my planned visit to India unfortunately.

Going back to the main topic, I am wondering if we ever had any Perl Conference in India. I am aware of active Perl Mongers but never heard of their activities. In the year 2021, Will Braswell reached out to me with a proposal to do The Perl Conference in India. Because of COVID, we put it on hold then. At the time, we decided to do month long tour to cover major cities spending 2-3 days in each city. I suggested the best time would be August as I will have long summer break. We would definitely need sponsors, ideally if we do under the banner of The Perl Foundation then the reach would be even greater, in my humble opinion. The local Perl Mongers group can be handy in organising the event. I would be eager to know if any Perl Mongers group interested in these events. I would expect the groups down south would be more active as they are highly aware of technologies in general.

I just realised this is my 130th edition of the weekly newsletter. I also completed 5 years as co-editor of the weekly newsletter in this month.

Enjoy the rest of the newsletter. Please do share your ideas and suggestions.

Your editor: Mohammad S. Anwar.


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