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Perl Weekly #666 - LPW 2024

Originally published at Perl Weekly 666

Hi there,

As we all know, German Perl/Raku Workshop 2024 happend few weeks ago, it turned out to be lucky for LPW 2024. After GPW, we got the official announcement of LPW 2024. It is going to be one day event as per the tradition. The tentative date as of today is 26th October 2024 and it is Saturday. If you are FREE then don't forget to plan your visit in advance. It is returning after a gap of 5 years. It would be a special event for one more reason as it would be the 20th anniversay in terms of years. I am very happy to see the support we already got. Dave Cross shared the news that he has submitted 4 talks already. If you are planning to attend then please submit your talk as well. LPW always encourage first time speakers. If you can't make it full length talk then you can even submit 5 minutes lightning talk. To my surprise, as soon as the annoucement was public, Geekuni became the Silver Sponsor. Ofcourse, we are looking for more sponsors. If your workplace codebase uses Perl then I would suggest you please speak to the management if they are willing to sponsor the event. You can find more details about different sponsor packages.

There is another big event happening in Las Vegas and it is The Perl and Raku Conference from 24-28 June 2024. The event organisers made a Call for Volunteers. I had plan to attend the event with family as it is happening in Las Vegas. Now the circumstance is such that even my own visit is not confirmed. It would be a big loss if I don't make it to Las Vegas this time.

Do you remember the last major release of Perl v5.38? It was special because of the inclusion of Corinna. I am hoping, in the next release Perl v5.40, we get more features added to Corinna. According to this document, the tentative release date is 20th May 2024.

The post series What's new on CPAN ... on is my all time favourite. Recently it got fresh air and we had 4 in a row e.g. Nov 23, Dec 23, Jan 24 and Feb 24. It is nearly end of Apr 24 and we have not seen the post for Mar 24. I just hope and wish, the tradition doesn't die. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Last but not least, you please take a good care of yourself and your loved ones. Enjoy the rest of the newsletter.

Your editor: Mohammad Sajid Anwar.


TPRC Call for volunteers

Event like TPRC is only possible because of volunteers who give their time and expertise to plan, promote, and execute every detail. This is official call for volunteers!

Announcing The London Perl and Raku Workshop 2024 (LPW)

Please register and submit talks early - it would organiser better idea of numbers. The date is tentative, depending on the venue, but it is likely to be 26th October 2024.


This week in PSC (145)

Perl Steering Council shared the details of last meetup. For me the most important news is about the preparation for next release Perl v5.40.

PTS 2024 - day 1

Leo shares his contribution details of Day 1 of PTS 2024.

The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge by Mohammad Sajid Anwar will help you step out of your comfort-zone. We pick one champion at the end of the month from among all of the contributors during the month.

The Weekly Challenge - 267

Welcome to a new week with a couple of fun tasks "Product Sign" and "Line Counts". If you are new to the weekly challenge then why not join us and have fun every week. For more information, please read the FAQ.

RECAP - The Weekly Challenge - 266

Enjoy a quick recap of last week's contributions by Team PWC dealing with the "Uncommon Words" and "X Matrix" tasks in Perl and Raku. You will find plenty of solutions to keep you busy.


A very compact and elegant solutions in Perl. Thanks for sharing.

Uncommon as X

I love when the scope is extended and you get far more creative solutions in Raku. Highly recommended.

Perl Weekly Challenge: Week 266

This is a perfect gift for all Raku fans. Great discussion of every features used in the solution. You really don't want to skip it.

Uncommon Shapes

I am really amazed by the use of 'singleton' to get the job done. You also get to see PDL magic as well. Well done and keep it up.

Perl Weekly Challenge 266: Uncommon Words

Full of Raku magics with detailed discussion. You get the bonus solution in Perl too. Thanks for sharing.

Perl Weekly Challenge 266: X Matrix

Showing off the fancy use of True and False of Raku. Also checkout how this is implemented in Perl. Keep it up great work.

words and matrix indexes

Raku special feature of method chaining is taking the limelight. Raku Rocks !!!

Perl Weekly Challenge 266

As always, we get another one-liner in Perl. Perl fans wouldn't want to skip it. Well done and keep it up great work.

A Matrix of Uncommon X Words

This is my favourite where I get to learn something new every week. Happy to see the inspiration within the team. Keep it up great work.

Solo words and a cross matrix

Love the simplicity in the solution. No gimmicks, pure solution. Get to try as well, really cool. Thanks for sharing.

The Weekly Challenge - 266

Easy to follow and read solutions in Perl. Keep it up great work.

The Weekly Challenge #266

I like the use of 'fc' and handling of apostrophes is really cool. Highly recommended.

X, the Uncommon

Roger special blogging style is fun to follow as you get to see the discussion in breaks. You get to see more than one language in a post. Highly recommended.

Uncommon matrix

Simon is a Python fan apparently as he always discuss his Python solution in the blog post every week. Thanks for sharing.


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