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Perl Weekly #658 - Perl // Outreachy

Originally published at Perl Weekly 658

Hi there,

TPRF has been associated with the Outreachy program for sometime. I have followed the annual program very closely in recent times. I noticed it is helping young fresh bloods getting into open source from Indian subcontinent. I know for sure, there are plenty of scope to bring in young students into Perl fold. Unfortunately it is not tapped with focussed program yet. I really want to do something to bring Perl back to dicussion table among freshers. I know I have slowdown a bit in recent time because of health issues but I still have the same energy.

For the first time, I have submitted my pet project The Weekly Challenge for the next Outreachy program. I am hoping to see some fresh talents coming forward and work with us. Looking forward to mentor and share my experience. I just wish the process was a bit simpler. May be, it is my first time, I find it harder to follow through. My advice to all newcomers stay focussed and work towards your goal taking one step at a time. Don't forget to enjoy the journey while learning. It would make a big difference, trust me.

Look after your health and stay happy, specially your mental health.

Your editor: Mohammad Sajid Anwar.


This Week in PSC (138)

Another week another update. Thank you Perl Steering Council for all the hard work.

CFP: Science Track Papers Needed at The Perl & Raku Conference

It is time to submit your ideas for next comference in the Science Track. Don't miss the deadline, please.

The Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge by Mohammad Sajid Anwar will help you step out of your comfort-zone. We pick one champion at the end of the month from all of the contributors during the month.

The Weekly Challenge - 259

Welcome to a new week with a couple of fun tasks: "Banking Day Offset" and "Line Parser". If you are new to the weekly challenge, why not join us and have fun every week? For more information, please read the FAQ.

RECAP - The Weekly Challenge - 258

Enjoy a quick recap of last week's contributions by Team PWC dealing with the "Count Even Digits Number" and "Sum of Values" tasks in Perl and Raku. You will find plenty of solutions to keep you busy.


Compact one liner in Perl, very umpressive. You must check it out.

Even Sum

Line by line code details with links to original documentation. What else do we need? Keep it up great work.

All about digits

In depth analysis is the highlight, enough to keep you engaged. Well done.

How do I sum thee? Let me count the ones.

Clever use of regex power of Perl. Good job and thanks for sharing the knowledge with us.

No Mental Bandwidth For A Name

Checkout thr power of grep and map but we can't underestimate sprintf. Good job.

Perl Weekly Challenge: Week 258

Raku one liner is flexing its muscle this time. To be honest, it looks elegant. Thank you for sharing.

Sum Even Bits

Love the use of CPAN to get the job done. Nice and clean implementation, well done.

Perl Weekly Challenge 258: Count Even Digits Numbers

Get the bonus Julia solution. The perl and Raku solutio looks near identical.

Perl Weekly Challenge 258: Sum of Values

Raku method chaining is my favourite. You get to see in abundance. Thank you for your contributions.

arrays of sums

Incredibly compact and elegant solutions in Raku. Highly recommended.

Perl Weekly Challenge 258

The inhouse master of Perl one-liner is once again showing the cool side of the language.

Even Digits have a Sum!

A very different and unique approach to get the job done. Comparison with Python is really nice.

All about the way numbers are written

This is what you get when you use all the magic from the Perl book. You get handy interface to play with it.

The Weekly Challenge #258

I am amazed how handy CPAN module can be at times. Very impressed with the end result. Thanks for sharing.

Valuing the Count

Nice to see Python magic being discussed in detail. So much to learn from other languages. Great work.

Weekly Challenge 258

Python is the lucky one gets all the limelight. Elegant one-liner in Python. Cool.

PWC 258

You don't want to miss the opportunity to see how Perl4 would be handy. Keep it up great work.


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