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Gabor Szabo

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Perl Weekly #662 - TPRC in Las Vegas

Originally published at Perl Weekly 662

Hi there,

How time flies, it is incredible. It feels like we just attended TPRC in Toronto. Well the next edition is coming soon, June 24-28, 2024, to be very precise. At the end of the conference in Toronto last year, I was determined to attend the next one in Las Vegas. As we all know, you can't plan everything and execute it too as per your wish. Honestly speaking, it is the only annual event where you get to meet and greet all the big guns. I would recommend everyone who can afford to attend, must book the ticket and enjoy the Early Bird offer.

In the last edition of the weekly newsletter, Perl Toolchain Summit 2024 was discussed in details. There was even call for sponsors for the event as well. I know how hard it is to find a sponsor these days. I remember there was a time when you see sponsor desks all over at the entrance of event. Before, the name of event was enough to bring in sponsors but time has changed and you need to share reasons to find the sponsor. Thank you, Olaf Alders, for the dedidated blog post to gather the support and sponsors for the event. This year, it is happening in Lisbon, Portugal. Not far from where I am based but it is invite-only event. Having said, anyone interested to be part of the group, can start contributing to the Perl toolchain.

Talking about sponsors, I made an appeal for sponsor, Nov'23, for my pet project, The Weekly Challenge - Perl & Raku. I did receive couple of offers but nothing materialised unfortunately. The exercise taught me a lesson, though. In order to find a corporate sponsor, one need to be a registered entity. Since I ran the project single handedly for 5 years now with zero experience of running and managing a registered entity, I find it involves lot of paper works and an accountant to look after finance matters. As you have guessed it correctly, this needs funding too. So I am going around the circle and not getting anywhere. I then decided to submit the project for Outreachy 2024 sponsored by TPF. In the past, Open Food Facts, is the choosen one and is likely to be the case this time too. Time to start fresh again ...

Today is the last day of long Easter Holiday in England. I had planned so much to do in 4 days break but could only managed to do few. I am happy the school is still on long break at least. I can enjoy Monday for a change. How was your weekend?

Enjoy rest of the newsletter and look after yourself.

Your editor: Mohammad Sajid Anwar.


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