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Predicting The Future - Building SaaS #70

In this episode, we worked on two issues. The first issue was fixing incorrect projected completion dates of tasks. We used test driven development to reveal the bug and work on the fix. The second issue add some extra data to display on a page.

We picked a couple of tasks at random to fix for this stream session.

The first issue related to the course view when paired with what the student's actions. This view shows the projected completion dates for individual tasks. When the school year was set to start in the future, this view was incorrect.

My local test data didn't have this same setup so we started by writing a unit test to prove that the view was broken. After writing the test, the fix was very straightforward to add.

For the second issue that I picked, we worked directly on the code because I knew that there was already test code in place to guide the changes. The issue was that the student index page did not display the grade level for each enrolled student. We modified the context of the view to include enrollment data so that the template could show the grade level.

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