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Finishing Onboarding - Building SaaS #81

Matt Layman
Matt Layman is a software engineer from Frederick, MD. He is an open source software maintainer and advocate for Python.
Originally published at ・1 min read

In this episode, I completed the last form that completes the last step on my Django app's onboarding process. We built up the view, wrote the tests, and worked through the templates changes.

I started with a discussion of what the onboarding flow does and what was left. I needed to make a form that creates a task for a course.

For the first chunk of code, we added some tests to cover all the scenarios that are important for the view. Once the tests had the right setup, I wrote the view, added the context, and wired in the form to make the view create a task.

With the view done, I moved onto a new template. The template displays the form and shows some other messages when different data is present.

That wrapped up the stream and we discussed what I'm going to work on next time to polish the onboarding flow.

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