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Designing A View - Building SaaS #59

In this episode, I focused on a single view for adding a course to a school year. This view is reusing a form class from a different part of the app and sharing a template. We worked through the details of making a clear CreateView.

The stream started with me answering a question about how I design a new feature. I outlined all the things that I think through for the different kinds of features that I need to build.

After that discussion, I introduced the view that I needed to add. It's a CreateView for a Course model that's an extension of an existing UpdateView.

I pulled together the set of unit tests that will prove that the view will behave as I expect it to.

Once we had the tests to work from, I updated the underlying CourseForm for the extra data that the model needs on creation.

We found that some logic was embedded into a view that we needed for the new view, and we refactored the view code to move that logic to a model method.

For the rest of the stream, we worked through the issues that popped up before the tests could pass.

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