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Sending Invites - Building SaaS #77

Matt Layman
Matt Layman is a software engineer from Frederick, MD. He is an open source software maintainer and advocate for Python.
Originally published at ・1 min read

In this episode, I worked on the form that will send invites to users for the new social network app that I'm building. We built the view, the form, and the tests and wired a button to the new view.

The first thing that we do was talk through the new changes since the last stream. After discussing the progress, I took some time to cover the expected budget for the application to get it to an MVP.

Once we covered the budget, I talked about different strategies for sending invite emails and the tradeoffs between sending email in a request and response cycle versus using background workers.

After talking through those choices, I mentioned which path we were going down and I started writing a new Django view. We wrote the tests to make the minimum view work.

With the view in place, I added a new form that the invite view would use. I wrote more tests to ensure the form did the proper checking.

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