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Matt Layman
Matt Layman

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The Home Stretch - Building SaaS #63

In this episode, we return to the homeschool application that I'm building. I'm in the final stretch of changes that need to happen to make the product minimally viable. We worked on a template, wrote some model methods, and did a bunch of automated testing.

We started by adding students to the context of the students index page. With the students in the context, we updated the index page to display the list of students.

After the students were available, we had to check their enrolled status in a school year. That logic doesn't belong in the template so we worked out the changes needed for the view.

I updated the Enrollment model to include an is_student_enrolled class method. This change let us set boolean state in the template to decide whether to show an "Enroll" button or not.

We updated the template again to show that button. After creating the button, I proceeded to create a view called EnrollmentCreateView that we can connect to the button URL. We wrote some tests for the view and ended the stream with an unfinished template for the view.

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