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Matt Layman
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User Testing Feedback - Building SaaS #54

In this episode, we worked on issues found from a round of user testing. I talked about how I did user testing with my customer, then started to tackle the usability issues that she identified.

We're taking a break from building the onboarding flow so that we can take some time to address feedback from user testing with my customer.

I started the stream by explaining how I set up user testing and what I got out of the experience. We talked through the issues and looked at how they range in size and complexity.

To get some early wins, we started by working on the easiest issues. I completed four issues in the stream.

The first issue changed a single template to alter the sub-navigation of the interface. I removed some customization on the navigation element and replace the text.

After that short change, we debugged an issue with a print style. We talked about print styling and how to include CSS changes only when printed by using the media="print" attribute to the link tab. After I found the source of the issue, I updated the print CSS file and tweaked the template to fix it.

For the third issue, I added a new view with some unit tests to include a button to let users get to the page that lets them enter any missing task grades.

Finally, we made a broad change on the site to set the position of all confirmation buttons from the left to the right. My customer said this was what she naturally expected, so I styled everything appropriately. I was grateful to make this change early in the project because it would be quite painful in the future if there were tons of forms to modify.

On the next stream, we'll get into more of the user testing feedback.

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