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Matt Layman
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Onboarding Continuity - Building SaaS #50

In this episode, we stepped from the welcome onboarding page to the first interactive page in the flow. I extracted the common banner for each of the templates and customized it for each of the steps in the process.

The first thing we did was create a button on the starting page. The button connects the welcome page to the second step in the flow where the app will ask for information about the user's school year.

With the button in place, we created the new view to handle the school year form. Before getting into that form, I extracted the common onboarding banner into a template fragment.

I cleaned up the banner to change some of the styles and make the banner configurable so that each page can highlight the right segment in the flow.

To end the stream, we added the user interface elements for the school year page and will add the form in the next stream.

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