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Matt Layman
Matt Layman

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Use Tailwind On A Template - Building SaaS #43

In this episode, we worked on the template styles of a tabular view. We also made some context data adjustments to include header rows and column highlighting.

I started by showing the template that I already created. It was rough.

Before changing anything, I took the time to explain the modeling in use for this project and the context passed to the view. The models mostly form a tree in the a hierarchy. Here is the top to bottom list of the models in use:

SchoolYear -> GradeLevel -> Course -> CourseTask -> Coursework

The view is showing a lot of data in a tabular structure so I walked through the logic to put that together in the view.

After explaining the data, I added week date headers to the table. Then we used Tailwind to set some styling on them.

The next task was to make the table aware of week dates to show column highlighting of the current day. We added the date to each cell to make it possible to test if it should be highlighted. I also made some style changes to round off the corners of the columns. This small detail actually required a suprising amount of template adjustment.

At the end, I discussed the next pieces that will be going into the app.

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