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Matt Layman
Matt Layman

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Add Styles To Templates - Building SaaS #42

In this episode, I added a CSS framework, Tailwind CSS. After working through some issues with the log out feature, we started to style the base template of the site.

To stay true to my "make the minimum possible thing that will work," I added Tailwind CSS from a CDN, content delivery network.

<link href="^1.0/dist/tailwind.min.css"

I described how Tailwind's utility-first approach makes designing sites a breeze because of the composition of small CSS classes.

After adding the CSS, I explained why the styles changed so that everything looked very plain. This conversation explained CSS resets.

We planned to add styles to the login pages of the site, but I ran into a weird behavior. The site was not logging out. After digging into things, we figured out that the problem was using a GET request to log out. django-allauth does not want to allow that because it modifies server state.

After figuring out the issue, we did some basic styling of the base template.

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