Daily Challenge #247 - Get Planet Name By ID

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The function is not returning the correct values. Can you figure out why?

def get_planet_name(id):
    # This doesn't work; Fix it!
    switch id:
        case 1: name = "Mercury"
        case 2: name = "Venus"
        case 3: name = "Earth"
        case 4: name = "Mars"
        case 5: name = "Jupiter"
        case 6: name = "Saturn"
        case 7: name = "Uranus"  
        case 8: name = "Neptune"
    return name


get_planet_name(3) # should return 'Earth'



Good luck!

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Because the interpreter is not helpful.

Try Elm, the compiler is nice.

type Planet
    = Mercury
    | Venus
    | Earth
    | Mars
    | Jupiter
    | Saturn
    | Uranus
    | Neptune

getPlanetName : Planet -> String
getPlanetName planet =
    case planet of
        Mercury -> "Mercury"
        Venus   -> "Venus"
        Earth   -> "Earth"
        Mars    -> "Mars"
        Jupiter -> "Jupiter"
        Saturn  -> "Saturn"
        Uranus  -> "Uranus"
        Neptune -> "Neptune"

Note: Does not respond to the challenge at all


It will always give "Neptune" as answer because there is no break statement.


Fallthrough switches are second only to null values as far as bad programming language ideas go.


I don't know Python but as a JavaScript developer I also thought about lack of break statements in this code.