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Weekly Digest 33/2022

Welcome to my Weekly Digest #33.

This weekly digest contains a lot of interesting and inspiring articles, videos, tweets, podcasts, and designs I consumed during this week.

Interesting articles to read

Communicating Effectively As A Tech Lead

Here are Addy’s tips for communicating effectively as a technical lead, including tips for how to talk to your teams and stakeholders.

Communicating Effectively As A Tech Lead

How and why we removed jQuery from GOV.UK

Removing jQuery from GOV.UK was a huge yet manageable task that led to improved code and performance gains across the site. This is how and why we did this work.

How and why we removed jQuery from GOV.UK

Some great videos I watched this week

What are Chrome's origin trials?

Origin trials are a way to test a new or experimental web platform feature. A third-party origin trial makes it possible for providers of embedded content to try out a new feature across multiple sites.

by Google Chrome Developers

Getting Creative with Keyframes

Working with keyframes can be difficult even if you only have one animation, but the real problems begin when you have 3 objects with 5 animations, each of which has different keyframes, duration, timing-function… and yet they all need to be exactly synchronized. So how do we do that?!

by Amit Sheen

Safely Handling Dynamic Data with TypeScript

TypeScript makes JavaScript safer by adding static type definitions. Static definitions are wonderful; they prevent developers from making trivial mistakes by ensuring every assignment and invocation is done correctly.

by Ethan Arrowood

Useful GitHub repositories


Zodios is a TypeScript API client with auto-completion features backed by Axios and zod

GitHub logo ecyrbe / zodios

typescript http client with zod validation


Zodios logo

Zodios is a typescript api client with auto-completion features backed by axios and zod

langue typescript npm GitHub GitHub Workflow Status

What is it ?

It's an axios compatible API client, with the following features:

  • really simple centralized API declaration
  • typescript autocompletion in your favorite IDE for URL and parameters
  • typescript response types
  • parameters and responses schema thanks to zod
  • response schema validation
  • bearer token injection and token renewal with simple token provider interface
  • all axios features available

Table of contents:

The PBR Database API

A database of physically based values for CG artists.

GitHub logo AntonPalmqvist / physically-based-api

A database of physically based values for CG artists.

The PBR Database API

A database of physically based values for CG artists.

Access the API here:



These reference values are based on the most accurate data available at the time, and are continually updated whenever new measurements are available. Depending on the material and the property you're after, there is more or less variability to take into account. Use these values as a starting point, or as validation for your existing materials, and then tweak further using your artistic freedom.


TypeScript Execute (tsx): Node.js enhanced with esbuild to run TypeScript & ESM

GitHub logo esbuild-kit / tsx

⚡️ TypeScript Execute (tsx): Node.js enhanced with esbuild to run TypeScript & ESM


TypeScript Execute (tsx): Node.js enhanced with esbuild to run TypeScript & ESM files


  • Blazing fast on-demand TypeScript & ESM compilation
  • Works in both CommonJS and ESM packages
  • Supports next-gen TypeScript extensions (.cts & .mts)
  • Supports node: import prefixes
  • Hides experimental feature warnings
  • TypeScript REPL
  • Resolves tsconfig.json paths
  • Tested on Linux & Windows with Node.js v12~18

Support this project by ⭐️ starring and sharing it. Follow me to see what other cool projects I'm working on! ❤️


tsx is a CLI command (alternative to node) for seamlessly running TypeScript & ESM, in both commonjs & module package types.

It's powered by esbuild so it's insanely fast.

Want to just run TypeScript code? Try tsx:

npx tsx ./script.ts
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How does it compare to ts-node? Checkout the comparison.


Local installation

If you're using it in an npm project, install it as…

dribbble shots

Phoveus Team Management Dashboard Design

by [Fariz Al Faridli](

by Fariz Al Faridli

Restaurant food ordering dashboard

by [Ofspace LLC](

by Ofspace LLC

Food Delivery Mobile Apps

by [MD. Ridoy Ahmed Tamim](

by MD. Ridoy Ahmed Tamim


Picked Pens

Animated Star Rating

by Jon Kantner

Custom Tooltip

by Adir

Podcasts worth listening

Syntax – CSS Proposals @when, CSS Masonry, Carets

In this episode of Syntax, Wes and Scott talk about proposals to CSS including @when, CSS Masonry, CSS Caret, ENV Vars, and Media Query Ranges.

Thank you for reading, talk to you next week, and stay safe! 👋

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