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Weekly Digest 26/2022

Welcome to my Weekly Digest #26 which is the first one in July.

This weekly digest contains a lot of interesting and inspiring articles, videos, tweets, podcasts, and designs I consumed during this week.

Interesting articles to read

Cleaning up deploys you no longer need

Learn how to manually delete old deploys on Netlify to clean up your account history and prevent teammates from rolling back to undesirable states. Netlify automatically deletes errored and failed deploys after 6 months.

How to delete deploys on Netlify | Netlify Blog

My Wonderful HTML Email Workflow

A potent combination of MDX and MJML

My Wonderful HTML Email Workflow

Some great videos I watched this week

*Storybook in 100 Seconds*

Storybook is a tool used for testing UI components in isolation that works with JS frameworks like React, Angular, Vue, and Svelte. It is especially useful for web developers building design systems and shared libraries.

by Fireship

How to inspect CSS container queries

What are CSS container queries and why do we need them? Learn now on today’s episode of DevTools Tips with Jecelyn Yeen and Una Kravets.

by Google Chrome Developers

Thinking on ways to solve FABs

In today's GUI Challenge, @Adam Argyle builds a couple of floating action buttons (FABs) and talks about the UX and CSS considerations for fixed position buttons on the web.

by Google Chrome Developers

Useful GitHub repositories


Swiss Army Knife for macOS

GitHub logo rgcr / m-cli

 Swiss Army Knife for macOS

 m-cli

💥 Swiss Army Knife for macOS !

How To Use
All Commands


m-cli is a macOS command line tool that lets you interact with utilities and applications entirely in Terminal. It differs from other macOS command line tools in the following ways:

  • You can easily manage administrative tasks
  • It doesn't install 3rd party tools since it doesn't have dependencies
  • Installation is easy and doesn't require intervention
  • It only uses macOS commands


You can install m-cli using Homebrew, or you can manually install it.

Homebrew install

If you have Homebrew installed, run:

brew install m-cli

Manual install

If you want to manually install m-cli, run:

curl -fsSL | sudo sh

You can also install it to a different path, shown below:

INSTALL_DIR=$HOME/.m-cli sh <(curl -fsSL

Note: Certain plugins, such as that for the "gatekeeper" command, will not work

the only cheat sheet you need

GitHub logo chubin /

the only cheat sheet you need logo

Unified access to the best community driven cheat sheets repositories of the world.

Let's imagine for a moment that there is such a thing as an ideal cheat sheet What should it look like What features should it have?

  • Concise — It should only contain the things you need, and nothing else.
  • Fast — It should be possible to use it instantly.
  • Comprehensive — It should contain answers for every possible question.
  • Universal — It should be available everywhere, anytime, without any preparations.
  • Unobtrusive — It should not distract you from your main task.
  • Tutoring — It should help you to learn the subject.
  • Inconspicuous — It should be possible to use it completely unnoticed.

Such a thing exists! It's easy to install and there's even auto-complete.


  • Has a simple curl/browser/editor interface.
  • Covers 56 programming languages, several DBMSes, and more than 1000 most important UNIX/Linux commands.
  • Provides…

dribbble shots

Health App - Track daily steps

by [Wahab](

by Wahab

Plant Shop App

by [Rakib Kowshar](

by Rakib Kowshar

Electricity Bill Pay App

by [Md. Nazmul Hasan](

by Md. Nazmul Hasan


Picked Pens

CSS Rooster Animation

by Md Usman Ansari

SVG play buttons

by Adir

Podcasts worth listening

Syntax – Browser CSS Page Transitions

In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes talk about the new Browser CSS Page Transitions API proposal and what features it opens up for developers on the web.

Thank you for reading, talk to you next week, and stay safe! 👋

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