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The Web Almanac, Updated Front-End Developer Roadmap, and V8 7.9 preview | Front End News #27

Hello everyone and welcome to another round of Front-End News. I hope you will enjoy the subjects I've selected for you in this edition.

The 2019 Web Almanac

They say data is the new black gold. Or just the new gold. And the 2019 edition of the Web Almanach is a veritable bonanza. This report is built by the HTTP Archive and it's compiled from over 20TB of data gathered from over 5.8 million websites.

The almanac covers all aspects of a website: page content, user experience, content publishing, and distribution as well as details on the methodology used to gather, analyze and compile the data. The organizers hope to make this a yearly event. There's definitely enough here though to keep us all occupied reading until that happens.

The updated 2019 Frontend Developer Roadmap

So you decided that being a front-end developer is the next best thing after sliced bread, but can't decide where to start or what to learn next? The Frontend Developer Roadmap is just what you need. This is the result of a community effort that helps new and seasoned developers navigate through the increasingly complex landscape of the industry.

V8 release v7.9

It's that time again when the team building the V8 JavaScript engine launch a new branch. Version 7.9 will be released in coordination with Chrome 79 and it includes a bunch of under-the-hood performance tweaks (that give you a 4% better Speedometer AngularJS score). More details are available in the release post linked below.

Software updates and releases

Here are the updates and releases for this edition. In each case, you can find the full details in the release notes linked down below.

Node v13.2.0

Prettier v1.19

dataloader v2.0.0

ESLint v6.7.0

That’s all there is in this edition. Follow Front End Nexus on Twitter at to be notified as soon as a new update happens. I also want to encourage you to subscribe to the YouTube channel at I can unlock some more options once the channel hits 100 subscribers, so your support is highly appreciated.

Have a great and productive week and I will see you next time!

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