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The Brave New World, Results for Front-End Tooling Survey 2019, and the launch of the Smashing Podcast | Front End News #26

Hello everyone and welcome to another round of Front-End News. I hope you will enjoy the subjects I've selected for you in this edition.

The Brave New World

Brave is one of the smaller browsers built on top of the Chromium engine. This initiative is led by Brendan Eich, the creator of the JavaScript programming language and co-founder of Mozilla. And they have just launched the stable 1.0 version.

Brave Logo

Brave claims to be a lot faster than mainstream browsers has built-in ad-blocking and tracking prevention. It also introduces the Brave Rewards system, built around the Basic Attention Token (or BAT), an open-source, decentralized ad exchange platform based on Ethereum. This is used to reward websites, publishers and creators with BAT tokens, fairly similar to services like Patreon.

If this sounds interesting to you, then I invite you to give it a try. Welcome to the brave new world!

The Results for the Front-End Tooling Survey 2019

It took nearly six months to compile the results for the 2019 edition of the Front-End Tooling Survey. But all that wait was worth it and we finally got all the juicy data in an easily digestible format.

CSS Processor Usage

Sass is still the uncontested champion of CSS Processors, Bootstrap is still the most used framework and people are more comfortable using CSS Grid. On the JavaScript side, React holds over 50% of the votes, overtaking jQuery for the first time. Over 80% of developers use a JavaScript transpiler, such as Babel, while TypeScript is the extension most people are comfortable using.

Most frequently used JavaScript tools

Unfortunately, over 60% of developers don't pay any attention to accessibility in their projects. Considering the number of lawsuits over this topic is rising, perhaps it's time for a radical change.

The full results to all 27 questions are available in the article linked below.

Introducing the Smashing Podcast

Smashing Podcast

Smashing Magazine continues its expansion as a media giant in the web design and development industry. This time they have launched the Smashing Podcast (no surprise about the name here). They already have three episodes up at the moment and they are promising a new episode every two weeks. If podcasting is one of your favorite ways to consume content, don't overlook this one.

SmashingConf New York 2019 - video and photo roundup

Rachel Andrew, the Editor in Chief of Smashing Magazine, brings us a roundup of the 2019 New York edition of SmashingConf. The article features pictures, tweets, and links to the videos and slides of all presentations. If you were not able to be there in person, this is the next best thing.

All Sessions of Chrome Dev Summit 2019

I'm staying on the topic of "next best thing after attending a conference in person". We are now able to see all the sessions presented at Chrome Dev Summit 2019. The packaging is not as nice as the one from Smashing Magazine - all we have is a YouTube playlist. But the wealth of information is just as large. Happy binge-watching!

Software updates and releases

Here are the updates and releases for this edition. In each case, you can find the full details in the release notes linked down below.

GSAP 3 Is Available Now!


That’s all there is in this edition. Follow Front End Nexus on Twitter at to be notified as soon as a new update happens. I also want to encourage you to subscribe to the YouTube channel at I can unlock some more options once the channel hits 100 subscribers, so your support is highly appreciated.

Have a great and productive week and I will see you next time!

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